Kettle Moraine Oak Opening - Bald Bluff Unit
Stone Elephant Trail

Bench at Stone Elephant

The stone elephant is a glacial erratic found along the ice age trail. The trail winds up and down glacial ridges through shaded groves and small patches of prairie. Not too far from the start of the trail you will find a ridgetop overlook complete with a pair of benches, a nice place to begin and end the hike.

From the junction of Cty Rd. H/E Main St. and 1st St. in Palmyra, follow Cty Rd. H 2.8 miles southwest to the Bald Bluff Scenic Overlook parking area. A fee is needed to park in the parking lot.
Coordinates for the hike: 42.8459280,-88.6098000
Trail observations
The trail exits directly from the parking lot. There are trail brochures available at the trailhead. This hike leaves the parking lot and after a short walk connects to the Ice Age Trail. The Ice Age trail continues to the stone elephant, and at that point I recommend you turn around and retrace your steps to the parking lot.
Trail statistics
The trail is 3.86 miles long. The sum of all the uphill climbs is 296 feet.
Trail waypoints
0.03 miSignTrailhead sign - Oak Opening Bald Bluff Unit
0.04 miTrailheadTrailhead
0.04 miParkingParking lot
0.06 miIce Age JctIce Age trail sign and view of trail
0.19 miKeep leftJunction with Ice Age trail - keep left to climb the ridge
0.19 miDistancesIce age trail distances sign
0.20 miGo straightAt the intersection, go straight and stay on the ice age trail
0.37 miScenic overlookBenches at top of ridge
0.47 miSignTrail sign for Stone Elephant
0.52 miBlazeYellow blaze for trail
0.91 miViewView of trail
0.97 miOpeningTrail crossing an opening
1.17 miGo straightIntersection - go straight. Trail map
1.19 miSignSnowmobiles and Horses sign
1.82 miGo leftStone Elephant Branch - go left
1.85 miTurnaroundBench, Stone Elephant, and the turnaround point
3.86 miEnd of trailEnd of trail
Trail map - Stone Elephant Trail
Altitude chart - Stone Elephant Trail Keep left Go straight Sign Go left Turnaround End of trail
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain : Hilly
Trail surface: Dirt
View: Open
View: Wooded
County: Jefferson
State: Wisconsin
Country: United States of America
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